David Aaron & John Bash
Age: 72 & 75
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David Aaron (below) and Johnny Bash are live entertainment promoters in Chicago, with long ties to the club scene, going back to the 1970s.

They met in 1974 while employed at LePub restaurant/club, then worked together again at the Waterfront restaurant. David grew up in N.W. Ind., Johnny, Champaign, IL. Both have musical theater backgrounds. Johnny served in the Navy 1-1/2 years on an Aircraft Carrier; Air-traffic controller and Blue-Jacket Choir. Johnny DJ'd at the Bistro in the early 1970s, while David was touring with Disney.

David's first apartment in Chicago was shared with his dearest friend, Nancy Reiff. Nancy & David worked together at Punchinello's.

D & J both attended Columbia College, but at different times.
Johnny as an actor and it came easy for him. He was in Columbia College films and his two vocals can be heard on Youtube, "Somewhere in Time" and "Come What May."

In 1982-'83, they decided to tie-the-knot: it was the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. It coincided with that and definitely was part of it. They were both ready to settle down.

Now, they both hold Chicago's Domestic Partnership Certificate and and plan on obtaining a Civil Union license in Illinois.

Johnny's business and services in the 1980s and 1990s were in audio design and installation. He was customizing sound-tracks for dance companies and fashion events. Then mid '90s the couple teamed up with their videography services.

Johnny has been singing at private homes as he and David have begun a series of Salon Cabaret-Soirees, including Chicago vocalists and fellow musicians. David is a group fitness coach for seniors.

They choose to support GLBT- and eco-friendly businesses as well as organic/vegetarian eateries and groceries. They are serious animal-rights advocates

  Video Interview Date: 2007-08-22 Interviewer: Tracy Baim

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