Joe Loundy
Age: 80
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Loundy is a retired social worker and travel agent who has been a volunteer at numerous gay groups since the 1970s. He has volunteer with the Gay Professional Coalition of Chicago, Gay Horizons ( he served on its board ) , Lavender University of Chicago ( which he co-founded here ) , and more.

Loundy states: “I began my affiliation with Gay Horizons in the mid-1970s as a supervisor in the Gay Peoples Peer Counseling Service Program, the only gay-identified, gay-affirmative counseling program in Chicago at that time. I was the first mental health professional to be involved. During a 10-year period I successively volunteered in the positons of Co-Director of the Peer Counseling Program, Board Chariperson and Executive Director. I established the Group Services Program which offered a variety of groups but most notably Coming Out Groups which helped participants reframe their gay feelings as a normal variation and ‘coming out’ as a normal developmental stage. This program continues to this day.”

  Video Interview Date: 2007-08-15 Interviewer: Tracy Baim

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