Out and Proud in Chicago: An Overview of the City's Gay Community, the book is edited by Tracy Baim and features the contributions of more than 20 prominent historians and journalists. It is published by Surrey Books, an Agate imprint, and is hard cover, 224 pages, 4-color, with nearly 400 photos.
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Windy City Times 2000-04-05

AIDS programs reviewed,reauthorization proceeds

Minstrel Blood

The Complete Guide to Sitcom Living

41 Vendors Acquitted in Fatal Shooting of New York City Mayor

What Free Speech?

Generation Q: The Next Generation

Candace Gingrich, Betty DeGeneres Promoting March on D.C.

The hands have it

´Hart´ of Gold

Chicagoans plan protest of CBS on Dr. Laura show

Miranda Writes

Music Mix

National Roundup


Rick R. Reed: Unplugged

Women of Scot´s Take on Cancer

Snyde and Sneak


Wimmin of Color Music Fest April 8– 9


Boy Scouts and gays clash before U.S. Supreme Court

CABN protests prosecution of gay men

CrisChanges: Cris Williamson

GLAMA winners

Music Mix

National Roundup


Snyde and Sneak

Trans hate crimes documented by ITI

Vermont Gov. OK's gay 'civil unions'

Chicago Whispers

World Roundup

Youth Scholarships Awarded

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