Out and Proud in Chicago: An Overview of the City's Gay Community, the book is edited by Tracy Baim and features the contributions of more than 20 prominent historians and journalists. It is published by Surrey Books, an Agate imprint, and is hard cover, 224 pages, 4-color, with nearly 400 photos.
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Windy City Times 2004-10-13

Theater: The Warriors

Finishing the Picture

Theater: Critics' Picks

Chicago's Place in Women's Music History


Travel: Spas-Pamper Yourself This Winter

Key West Fantasy Fest

Tarnation: Filmmaker Jonathan Caouette

Knight at the Movies: Tarnation and I Heart Huckabees

Queer-friendly South Park team create Team America

'Why Marriage?' Author George Chauncey

Carving Art from Heartache, Ron Nyswaner Liberates Himself with New Memoir

Northeastern Illinois University Coming Out Ball


Sports Scores

Saturday protest of pro-amendment bus tour

Operation: Play Safe

Theater: Sing Hallelujah!

Theater: Spotlight

Theater: Equus

LETTER: Standing Up for What's Right

LETTER: Log Cabin Republicans

Target v. Salvation Army

Commercial Closet censure

Artemis Vote Concert

House of Blues Cuts Bias

CRUISING for SEX Headlines Hedda Lettuce

Porn idol Event

RuPaul at Borders

Deep Inside Hollywood

Media Watch

Downstate Woman Wins Bias Ruling

Etheridge Cancer


Latino AIDS March

National Roundup

Anti-Violence Vigil: A Time of Remembrance

Report: Black Gays Vary in Family Types

DeKalb Quilt Controversy

Theater: The Seagull

Theater: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Gay Americans Marry in Belgium

Local News

Sierra Leone Gay Leader Murdered


Facets offering political documentaries

Veep Debate Includes Marriage and AIDS

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