Chen Ooi


1) Birthdate:


2) Birthplace:

George Town, Penang, Federation of Malaya (now Malaysia)

3) Date you first mark as getting together with your partner William B. Kelley:

July 1979

4) City/state where you live currently:

Chicago, Illinois

5) Education:

American Academy of Art

6) Career:

Advertising artist since 1976; currently vice president/creative director in a marketing agency.

7) Did you serve in the U.S. military?


8) How do you describe your sexual orientation and gender?

Gay male

9) Do you have children and/or grandchildren?


10) If you are GLBT, please describe when you first “knew.”

Grade school.

11) Who did you first “come out” to and when?

I never had to go through a coming-out process because I didn't try to hide or deny my gayness, though I didn't volunteer it unless asked. I just treated it as a matter of fact.

12) Involvement in organizations (GLBT and/or mainstream):

Asians and Friends-Chicago/AFC (board member, volunteer, donor; designed Chicago logo and a Pride Month button)
First annual "Have A Heart" AIDS fundraiser (designed the poster)
Illinois Gay Rights (later Gay and Lesbian) Task Force (member)

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