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David Aaron & John Bash
David Aaron (below) and Johnny Bash are live entertainment promoters in Chicago, with long ties to the club scene, going back to the 1970s.
Angel Abcede
Abcede is founder of the School Street Art Movement "Sex Police," which educated about HIV and AIDS.
Carmen Abrego & MariBeth Welch
Abrego and Welch live in Oak Park and support various LGBT causes. Abrego is a long-time Chicagoan also known for her poetry.
Carmen Abrego
Abrego is a poet and Latina activist, and co-founder of the International Women's Day Dance.
Ann Adams & Lise Alschuler
Adams (left) and Alschuler are partners and contributors to LGBT and health causes.
Ann Adams
Ann Adams and her partner Lise Alschuler are contributors to LGBT and health causes.
Jean Albright & Tracy Baim
Albright is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and Baim is Publisher of Windy City Media Group.
Jean Albright
Albright is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, working to overturn the military's gay ban.
Claudia Allen
Allen is a long-time playwright whose works have been performed in Chicago and around the U.S. Many have lesbian themes.
Lise Alschuler
Alschuler and her partner Ann Adams are contributors to LGBT and health causes.
Alicia Amador
Amador and partner Norma Seledon support a range of Latina lesbian and other causes.
Alan Amberg
Alan Amberg, founder of Lesbigay Radio, has been a advocate for men's health issues for many years.
Jackie Anderson
Anderson has been a part of the LGBT community since the 1960s, and has been active on a wide range of issues.
Carol Anshaw & Jessie Ewing
Anshaw (right) is a nationally known writer fo fiction, and Ewing is a newspaper photographer and teacher.
Toni Armstrong Jr.
Toni Jr. has worked on LGBT rights, lesbian women's music, as well as with groups such as GLSEN Chicago, Color Triangle, BLAST, and many more.
Tommy AvantGarde
Avant Garde is part of the South Side "balls" social scene, active on educating Black gay youth on health and cultural issues.
Miguel Ayala
Ayala was co-founder of the Whitney Young Pride GSA, the first in the Chicago area, and active in Chicago youth causes and mainstream political campai

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